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Dublin Airport Ground Transportation

Ireland's Dublin Airport is not in the heart of Dublin, but located several miles away. Because there is no subway or railroad that directly connects to Dublin Aiport, the most common ground connections for tourists consist of bus or taxi services. Dublin Airport is also accessible by car.

Bus Services

Several companies offer transportation between Dublin Airport and the center of the city. These include The Patton Flyer, Urbus, Dublin Bus, and AirCoach. Each of these operators runs bus routes around the city of Dublin. They do not operate like shuttle services, requiring a reservation and payment in advance. All that you need to do is locate a bus stop for the company you wish to engage, and wait at the bus stop for the bus to arrive. You'll pay the driver when you step on the bus. For detailed information about bus routes and fares, consult the website of the company you wish to engage.

Not all of these bus companies serve the entire city of Dublin. The Patton Flyer, for example, operates in the southeast section of the city. Urbus serves the neighborhoods of Castleknock and Blanchardstown.

Taxi Services

Taxis drop off customers outside the main arrivals lounge of Dublin Airport. Taxi service from the downtown area to the airport will cost approximately 25 euros, although fares at night or on holidays and Sundays tend to be higher. Unlike taxis in some cities, Dublin taxis levy additional charges for more than one passenger. If you have any concerns about the fare, inquire specifically of the driver before you begin so that there will be no surprises.

Automobile Access to Dublin Airport

If you have rented a car, you can drive to Dublin Airport for your flight home. Car rental companies will assist you and provide maps and directions for your return trip to the airport. If you need more assistance, or if you acquire an automobile later during your stay in Dublin, it is still a simple matter to travel to the airport by car. From the M50 "ring road" which encircles most of Dublin, you should drive north until you reach the M1 highway. Turn north onto the M1. You will find that the route to the airport is clearly marked with with signs.

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