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Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is a major international airport located in Romulus, Michigan. This airport is less than 25 miles southwest from Detroit, Michigan. It is one of the larger airports in the United States. It opened back in 1930 and was named the Wayne County Airport. Over time, the airport became the primary airport of Detroit. It was renamed the Detroit-Wayne Major Airport back in 1949. It is known today as the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. Over time, the airport continued to grow and added runways and airlines. Today, the airport is looking ahead to the future and expansion. Over 30 million passengers go through the Detroit airport every year.

The Edward H. McNamara Terminal opened in 2002 and was formerly known as the Northwest WorldGateway. It replaced the Davey Terminal. McNamara Terminal has three concourses and they are A, B and C. The connection between Concourse A and Concourses B and C is illuminated by the Light Tunnel, which has various light patterns along the tunnel. While Concourse A received the international flights and large planes, Concourses B and C receive medium to smaller planes. The North Terminal, known to some as Concourse D, opened in 2006. It has fewer gates compared to the gates at McNamara Terminal.

The Express Tram, which is like a train, enables travelers to get from one end of Concourse A to the other. It has three stops that folks can get on and off at. The reason for this tram is that Concourse A is the second longest one in the world. In the tram, people can get from one terminal to another in about three minutes.

For folks looking to park at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, there are a number of options to select from with over 19,000 parking places available. The Big Blue Deck and McNamara Terminal Parking Structure offers customers covered parking garages that are within close proximity to terminals. In addition to this, the Big Blue Deck offers short and long-term parking for folks whether they are there to pick up family members or friends or for those who are going on a long trip. For people who prefer an economically friendly parking lot, the Green Lot has a flat rate for the day. The airport offers free shuttle service to both terminals. There is valet service and parking for those who desire it.

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