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Des Moines International Airport

The Des Moines International Airport is located in Des Moines, Iowa. Though it is known for commercial flights, the management of the airport, known as the Des Moines Airport Authority, shares operations with the Iowa Air National Guard. When the area looked at building an airport in Des Moines, many areas were considered until the current location was decided upon. The construction took about a year and was finished in 1933. The original terminal was replaced in 1950, which has since seen a number of renovations and expansions. In 1999, a parking ramp was built to make parking easier for travelers who drove to the airport. In 2010, an expansion project at the airport was concluded which included new carpet, a sprinkler system, seating and much more. The original airport covered 160 acres of land. Today, the airport covers 2,300 acres.

Two runways serve Des Moines International Airport. Both runways are just over 9,000 feet long. One runway is made out of asphalt and concrete while the other is made entirely of asphalt.

For folks who are looking to park their vehicles at the Des Moines airport, there are a number of options to choose. At the Short Term Ramp, folks can park their vehicle whether they are picking up or dropping off family members or friends. While it may be tempting to park there for a longer period, the price for every hour that the vehicle stays in the Short Term Ramp can add up quickly. For people who are planning to have their vehicle stay at the airport for a number of days, the Long Term Ramp is an excellent place to park. The Long Term Ramp is in an enclosed structure and does a good job of protecting vehicles from the elements such as snow, slush, sleet, hail and so forth. For individuals or families who prefer an economically friendly parking lot, there are three parking lots from which to choose. Economy 3 Parking is the closest economic parking lot to the Terminal. There are free shuttles for people to get to the terminal. Economy 2 Parking is further away from Economy 3 Parking. Folks can wait in the heated shelters while they page a shuttle. Economy 1 Parking is the furthest parking lot away from the terminal. Enclosed shelters are provided and shuttles can be available to assist folks to and from the terminal.

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