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In Colorado of the United States, Denver is the state capital. Called the "Mile High City," the urban center is approximately a mile above the level of the sea. The city is proud of its Wild West and frontier beginnings, but it has also become a vibrant and stunning modern metropolis. The view of the metropolis is spectacular when arriving in the city during daylight hours or at night when the city lights glint and gleam. Denver is today one of the best examples of cities in western North America.

Situated right where the Great Plains end, the urban center is only 12 miles east from the first peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Still, the weather is mild. The dry and arid climate of Denver lets the city experience all four seasons in the year. As the hottest month of the year, July's average temperature high is 88 degrees Fahrenheit. The months of December and January are the coldest with highs around 44 degrees.

Now, the location of Denver originally became important during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush of the mid-1800s. Starting as a mining town on the South Platte River, the village was temporarily abandoned after the first rush for gold. Still, one settler remained. His name was General William Larimer. He received his title as a part of the Philadelphia militia. Wanting the favor and interest of the governor of the Kansas Territory, Larimer gave the town he was creating the name "Denver" after this governor, James W. Denver.

Larimer's well-planned town was a success, and played a prominent role during the transitional times of Colorado becoming a territory and then a state. Since then, agriculture has been an important industry. Additionally, many companies have established their headquarters in Denver like Village Inn and the Ball Corporation. Denver has some major government organizations that have part or all of their operations in the city like those involving space and defence as well as the United States Mint.

Denver is also a center for the arts and sports. For instance, the Denver Broncos are a professional football team headquartered in the Colorado capital; and the Colorado Rockies are the city's Major League Baseball team. Additionally with a large Mexican American population, the city enjoys the foods and other traditions of these citizens. Then, museums and festivals in Denver are popular with local residents and visitors.

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