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Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is located a few miles northeast of Denver, Colorado. It first opened in 1995 and is one of the newest international airports in the United States. Originally, it was supposed to open in 1993, but the opening date was pushed back twice because of various circumstances. When Denver International Airport finally opened, it was over budget by two billion dollars. By landmass, it is the largest airport in America.

Though the price of the airport was over budget, the art and aesthetics have received rave reviews from travelers and critics. The view of the Rocky Mountains in the distance is amazing for many travelers. Denver International Airport, known to some as DIA, has made a conscious effort to have a lot of art in every terminal. Gargoyles are around a variety of places within DIA. There are a number of sculptures and some are hung from the ceiling.

There are three concourses in DIA. Concourse A receives all international arrivals. Concourse B recently expanded and is able to receive more flights and passengers. Concourse C is at the far end of the airport and is accessible only through the transit system.

Passengers and workers of the airport can commute from one concourse to another by the Denver International Airport Automated Guideway Transit System. The system was built at the same time as the airport and hold up to 100 people in each vehicle. Various works of art, including the Kinetic Light Air Curtain, are able to be seen within the tunnels themselves.

Parking options available for folks who desire to parks their cars at Denver International. Garage parking is an excellent way for folks to park their vehicles indoors without having to worry about snowfall or other weather. For folks who prefer an economic route in terms of parking, the Economy Lots are the way to go. Each lot is close to the shuttle service and, weather permitting, is fairly close to the terminal. Shuttles transport folks to and from the terminal for free. For people who are picking up loved ones or friends, short term parking is a great idea. Prices are not expensive and the lot has covered parking. In addition to this, there is 45-Minute Waiting Area. In this parking area, people can park free for 45 minutes while they wait for a call from their loved one or friend to pick them up.

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