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Affectionately known as "The Gem City," Dayton, Ohio is one of Ohio's largest cities. It is located in the Eastern Time zone in Montgomery County. Its natural boundaries include the Mad River and the Miami River Valley.

Dayton features a traditional city government that is administered by a mayor, a city manager and a city council. It is well-known for its diversity and its accessibility to residents. It is also famous for being one of the oldest continuously functioning city governments in Ohio.

Dayton's economy features a thriving health care industry, a highly developed research industry, and a modern logistics services industry. It also features a highly developed retail industry. These industries attract many young professionals who wish to start meaningful careers.

Dayton's inventors are well-known for producing some of America's most practical inventions. For example, John Balsley is widely credited for producing the world's first fully functioning stepladder. Moreover, Charles Fritts is widely credited for producing the first working solar cells.

Dayton residents can trace their city's modern history back to 1796 when a small group of Cincinnati residents resettled near the downtown area. The town's early settlers included young families, entrepreneurs, and highly skilled laborers.

Dayton's growth during the 19th century was spurred by the construction of a portion of the Miami and Erie Canal that linked Dayton to Cincinnati. The canal provided Dayton residents a vital transportation hub that was used for shipping and tourism. It was used extensively until 1913 when a flood destroyed the canal's aqueducts.

Dayton became an important research hub during the 20th century after the Wright Brothers obtained patents for their invention of powered flight. Much of the research that took place during this time was conducted by Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Dayton is now a thriving city that is known for its diverse population and economy. This diversity offers travelers a chance to see a unique culture that is known for its liveliness and unique perspectives.

Traveling to Dayton's destinations is usually enjoyable during the spring. This is the case because Dayton's warm spring temperatures are ideally suited for exploring Dayton's attractions at your own pace.

Finally, Dayton is also known for its very high summer temperatures and very low winter temperatures. These extreme temperature differences occur because Dayton's location near the Mad River and the Miami River Valley create the environmental conditions needed to produce such extreme temperature differences.

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