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Airlines Serving Dayton International Airport

Fifteen airlines currently operate out of the Dayton International Airport. Some of these fifteen operate under the same name, but are owned by different subsidiaries. For example, US Airways Express is operated by both PSA Airlines and Air Wisconsin Airlines. Even with three airlines stopping service at the airport in the last three years, the airport's regional and direct flight service continues to grow. There are approximately 300 flights per day from Dayton and 25% of these are commercial flights. The airport has over 1 million passengers per year.

No large "legacy" airlines use the Dayton International Airport as a hub, but it is the headquarters for the PSA-operated US Airways Express. There are also no direct international flights from Dayton, but international flights can be boarded from many of the direct flights leaving Dayton.

There are currently two working concourses at Dayton International airport, Concourses B and C.

Concourse B is the permanent concourse for United Airlines and Delta Airlines with additional airlines using Concourse B depending on their schedules. United Airlines has non-stop flights to Chicago-O'Hare, Washington-Dulles, Denver, Newark, and Cleveland. Delta Airlines has non-stop flights to Atlanta, New York-La Guardia, New York-JFK, Detroit and Minneapolis/St. Paul. Delta Airlines also has the most flights and passengers out of this airport.

Concourse C is used by Air Tran Airways, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and US Airways. American Airlines flies to Dallas/Ft. Worth. US Airways flies directly to Charlotte, Philadelphia, and Washington-Reagan.

Dayton also has three low-fare carriers, Air Tran and Frontier Airlines. Air Train goes to Atlanta, Baltimore, Orlando, and Tampa. Frontier and Southwest Airlines travel to Denver. Southwest Airlines is one of the most recent airlines to begin flying out of Dayton, starting its service in 2012.

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