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Dallas Love Field Airport

Love Field started in 1917 with a grass landing strip and a few hangers. Named after Moss Love, a heroic Army pilot killed in 1913, Love Field actually served as a rural airport just outside of Dallas during those early years. Today over seven million passengers a year pass through this airport six miles north of downtown Dallas. Approximately 600 general, commercial, and military flights arrive and depart each day from Love Field.

Love Field's march toward the future continues today. A 500 million dollar renovation will eventually combine two terminals into a modern spacious concourse with 20 gates, an expanded baggage claim area, additional concessions, and updated facilities. Designers have included architectural elements that will pay tribute to this wonderful airport's past. The main lobby will highlight Love Field's place in aviation history by incorporating local building materials and artwork into the area. In fact, regional artists have already completed Texas-sized murals above the climate-controlled walkway leading to the recently completed 2,400 space parking garage. Love Field's runways have also improved since that first lone grass covered runway of long ago. The airport's three concrete and asphalt runways extend to 150 feet. They offer state of the art lighting and instrument landing systems.

Many Americans certainly remember Love Field's significance in history. On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy arrived at the airport to begin his Dallas visit. That same afternoon on the east concourse, Lyndon Johnson took the oath of office as the next President of the United States.

A wonderful museum on the southeastern corner of Love Field stands in tribute to President Kennedy's vision of an American landing on the moon. Visitors to the Frontiers of Flight Museum will see early aviation vehicles such as the Apollo Seven Module, a World War I biplane, and articles from the Hindenburg. The museum also has over 200 World War II model airplanes. Created by people who loved aviation, the museum emphasizes the history of flight and space exploration.

Most people don't know the City of Dallas once operated an ice rink, movie complex and youth center in one of the airport's terminals. Love Field celebrated 95 years of aviation history in 2012. A trip to Love Field offers passengers and visitors a chance to see one of America's most historic airports poised to enter its next era.

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