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Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is located between Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas. At first, Fort Worth was not interested in sharing an airport with Dallas, but they came to an agreement to build one in the 1960's. It opened in 1973 and was originally named the Dallas/Fort Worth Regional Airport. It was renamed Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in 1985. There are seven runways that service the airport with four of them being over 13,000 feet long. All of them are made out of concrete.

The Dallas/Fort Worth airport has five terminals with 152 gates and they are Terminals A, B, C, D and E. Terminal A was originally called "Terminal 2E." Terminal B was one of the original terminals when the airport was built. At one point, it received many international travelers. Terminal C is a domestic terminal that does not receive any international flights. International Terminal D, which is known as "Terminal D", opened to travelers in 2005. It has nearly all of the international flights that go in and out of Dallas/Fort Worth. Terminal E had two nicknames. The first was "Terminal 4E" and the second was "Easy Street." Today it is known as Terminal E.

In 2005, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport introduced travelers to Skylink, which transports passengers from one terminal to the other. The Skylink system is in the screened area of the airport thus making commuting from one terminal to the next easy and efficient for passengers. A train comes to each terminal once every two minutes. This benefit makes life easier for passengers who are transferring planes.

There are a number of parking options at Dallas/Fort Worth. Terminal Parking at the airport is available at all five terminals. With over 28,000 spaces, folks are sure to find a place to park their vehicle. Terminal Link, the vans that bring passengers to and from the five terminals, serves the airport passengers at no charge. There is a valet service that is available. Vehicles are parked in covered garages and will be ready to go when the passengers come back. For those who are looking for an economic place to park, Remote Parking would be the way to go. Prices are not very expensive and buses serve the area bringing passengers to and from the airport. In addition to these options, Express Parking is available.

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