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Copenhagen Airport Ground Transportation

Transportation to and from the beautiful Copenhagen Airport is simple and easily accessible. From any city in Denmark, you can take the regional and inter-city trains to the airport's train station, which is located right below the main arrival terminal. If you are already in the city of Copenhagen, you can take a direct train from the Copenhagen Central Station to the terminal. From downtown Copenhagen, you may also catch the Metro directly to the airport. The Metro stop is slightly farther from the airport, situated in an extension of Terminal 3. The Metro station is directly connected and under a roof, so there is no need to be concerned of the weather. For travel directly to and from center city Copenhagen, the Metro is by far the fastest option, and it runs every 4 minutes during the day, and every 15 minutes at night.

The train and Metro are both easy options for travel from the airport to Copenhagen and all surrounding areas as well. However, either direction you are traveling, be sure to read the train and metro maps carefully when purchasing a ticket. The tickets are based on concentric zones surrounding the city and on how many stops you will be traveling in each zone.

From central Copenhagen and surrounding regional areas, busses are also a viable way to access the airport. Movia, Denmark's public transportation bus system, has 3 lines- 5A, 35, and 36- that stop at the airport. GrÄhundbus line 999 also stops at the airport.

The airport is also easily accessible by motorway. The E20 runs directly by the airport, and there is ample parking available for a fee. However, travelers can reserve a space ahead of time online, and save the trouble of driving around the vast parking lots.

If you are willing to spend a little more than the cost of public transportation, cabs are always available from the airport, and can be hailed easily on the spot in central Copenhagen or called for charter. While not astronomical, the price of cab ride to or from the airport is always more during nights and weekends than during the day.

The airport itself has 3 terminals, and all are connected in one main building. It takes approximately 10 minutes to walk from one end of the airport to the other, and no other means of public transportation are provided. Visitors will find the airport full of fine apparel stores and beautiful specialty shops, making the walk a pleasant experience.

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