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Copenhagen Airport, also known by its code of CPH, provides the majority of the international air traveler services to the Copenhagen, Denmark, region. The airport is actually located in the nearby town of Kastrup and is still known by some locals as Copenhagen Airport, Kastrop, to differentiate it from Copenhagen Airport, Roskilde, which handles more domestic air travel. Copenhagen Airport connects to the City of Copenhagen by rail and roads with shuttle bus and train service available around the clock. Travel times are short with the airport located about 5 miles or 8 kilometers from the heart of Copenhagen.

The airport is one of the busiest in Europe and holds the honors for the most air traffic in the Scandinavian countries. Copenhagen Airport provides service to about 60 airlines with more than a quarter million aircraft take offs or landings every year. Total passenger count exceeds 22 million with about 90 percent coming from or traveling to a destination outside Denmark.

Copenhagen Airport utilizes four principle runways with three dedicated to departures. The air traffic patterns place most of the flight paths over the harbor and sea rather than inhabited residential areas. Of course, wind and weather situations can change the patterns. The airports location adjacent to the Copenhagen Harbor allows flight operations to have a minimal impact to the sound levels in the city.

Arriving and departing passengers at Copenhagen Airport pass through one of four terminals. Terminals two and three are principally used for international travelers and are equipped with customs stations and the proper security. Domestic passengers commonly utilize Terminal 1. The fourth terminal, as of 2010, served as a base of operation for discount airline EasyJet. This terminal is also known as CPH GO. Passengers with extreme allergies can arrange to enter the airport without passing through the area of shops and commercial stores avoiding exposure to any possible allergy triggers.

Copenhagen Airport was one end of the first scheduled commercial flight over the North Pole. In 1954, SAS Airline instituted direct flights from Copenhagen to Los Angeles on a transpolar route. The route proved popular and helped make Copenhagen a go-to destination from the west coast of the United States. Commercial jet aircraft, debuting in the 1960s, further reduced the travel times and made European destinations more attainable for American travelers.

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