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Colorado Springs Airport Ground Transportation

The Colorado Springs Municipal Airport is located on the southeastern side of Colorado Springs. Access from Interstate 25 is from Milton E Proby Parkway, Exit 135, that leads directly into the airport. Highway 24 also leads to the airport, as does Powers Road, which drops into Highway 24. The road into the airport is called Entrance Road, which makes a loop through the airport area. The road leaving the airport is called Exit Road. This airport provides short and long term parking areas, a cell phone lot, and valet parking. The short term parking area is adjacent to the terminal and the long term parking lies south of the short term parking area.

Car rental agencies are located at the airport, or arriving passengers can use shuttles, taxis, vans, limousines and buses to get to their destination. Several companies also shuttle people to the ski areas near Colorado Springs. Some local hotels and resorts have free transportation services for passengers who are using the lodging in the area. A bank of telephones sits close to the baggage claim area for people who want to request a shuttle or van pickup once they arrive in at the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport. The city also has a bus route that goes to the airport that residents and visitors can use to get to or leave the airport area. Since bus routes change from time to time, it is a good idea to contact the city to verify the route.

The airport facility is a small one and does not provide shuttle services to and from the parking areas. People with disabilities can be dropped off at the upper or lower levels of the airport where they can navigate using the elevators. The passengers can ask for assistance devices like wheelchairs to get to their gate and help with boarding the aircraft. The airport also provides an information desk on site that passengers can use to ask questions or get directions. The car rental agencies can also help people renting cars with instructions on getting to their initial destinations and provide maps for the area.

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