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Airlines Serving Colorado Springs Municipal Airport

Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (COS) is located about 70 miles south of Denver. It's a small and busy airport that serves both Colorado Springs and Denver.

It's easy to get around Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, as there is only one terminal, which is located on the third level. There are twelve gates, however, and gate assignments are as follows: Gate 3 is Allegiant Airlines, Gate 4 is Delta, Gate 5 is Frontier Airlines, Gate 8 is American Airlines, Gate 10 is United Express, and Gates 11 and 12 are United Airlines.

The airport is served by five major airlines, which are Allegiant, American Airlines, Delta, Frontier Airlines, and United Airlines. United Airlines is by far the busiest airline with the majority of flights. Some airlines have only one flight daily while United Airlines has over a dozen flights serving many destinations.

Allegiant Airlines travels only to Las Vegas and they have one nonstop flight daily to and from McCarran International Airport.

American Airlines serves Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport with five nonstop flights daily except on Saturdays. There are four nonstop flights on Saturday's. Returning flights are also nonstop and there are 4-5 flights daily from Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Delta Airlines serves two destinations, Salt Lake City and their hub, Atlanta Georgia. There are two nonstop flights daily to Salt Lake City from Colorado Springs Municipal Airport. There are one or two returning nonstop flights daily from Salt Lake City. Delta has three flights daily to Atlanta and one of those flights is nonstop. Returning from Atlanta into Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, there's over a half dozen flights daily.

Frontier Airlines travels to three destinations and they are Denver, Phoenix, and Orlando. The majority of Frontier's flights are to and from Denver International Airport. There's one nonstop flight daily going to and from Phoenix, and one nonstop flight daily going to and from Orlando.

United Airlines, which includes United Express, is the major carrier at Colorado Springs Municipal Airport. There are daily nonstop flights to Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Houston. Denver is United's hub and most of the nonstop flights travel there. Houston and San Francisco have one nonstop flight daily to and from Colorado Springs Municipal Airport. Chicago and Los Angeles have several nonstop flights daily both arriving and departing. You can travel to most major cities on United by connecting with a flight in Denver.

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