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Cleveland Ohio was first founded by General Moses Cleaveland. It was 1796 and he was working with a group from the Connecticut Land Company, surveying the area. General Cleaveland thought this land at the Cuyahoga River's mouth would be perfect for a capitol city of the Western Reserve. He marked out the town, including a public square, in the fashion of a New England town. This design is reflected in the city today. On December 23, 1814, Cleveland was officially incorporated, named after the General. An interesting piece of trivia, the spelling of the name was changed by a newspaper that found the city's name to long to fit in their heading. The solution was to drop the "a." The new spelling stuck.

Lorenzo Carter saw the city's great potential as a trade center. He built a cabin that served as a welcome to visitors looking to settle in the area. What kept Cleveland from growing were bad winters and swampy lands, but in 1832 the Erie Canal was built and the city grew by leaps and bounds. Cleveland was the main link between the Ohio River and the Great Lakes. Cleveland became a huge manufacturing city as coal and iron ore were transported through the area. The country's largest steel plants called Cleveland home. At the end of the Civil War it was one of the five biggest United States refining centers. It was in Cleveland that John D. Rockefeller started the Standard Oil Company.

Cleveland's population had risen to 92,829 by 1870. A police and fire rescue system was established. Millionaires were building mansions on Euclid and Prospect Avenue. It was a time of great prosperity. The twenties continued to be good to the city. Makers of steam and electric cars were building their factories here. A civic center called a mall was erected like the one in Washington D.C., and the Cleveland Indians won the World Series. Hopkins International Airport was built along with the Terminal Tower in 1927.

The city experienced turbulent times through the 60's and 70's with racial conflicts and the blizzard of 1978, but by the 1980's, it was being referred to as the comeback city. The addition of the Key Tower, the Sohio Building, and a Gateway Complex that included wonderful entertainment venues helped Cleveland to become a prosperous and exciting city.

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