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Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Ohio, was founded back in 1925 and was the United States first municipal airport. The airport was named after former Cleveland city manager and city leader William R. Hopkins. Hopkins thought it would be a terrific idea for the city to have an airport about ten miles outside of town with the ability for folks to travel to and from Paris, London and the rest of the world. Though that reality happened many years later, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is a hub that draws millions of passengers each year.

The international airport in Cleveland has three runways that serve residents and visitors. Runway 6R/24L and Runway 6L/24R, are runways that run parallel to each other and are made out of concrete. Runway 10/28 is made out of concrete and asphalt and is shorter than the other two.

There are four concourses in the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Concourse A was built in 1962. This concourse serves international flights and was the first concourse built in the airport. Concourse B was the second concourse built and that was in 1966. The third concourse that was built was Concourse C in 1968. It was known to locals and visitors as the "South Concourse." It was remodeled in 1992 and received skylights, a baggage claim area, moving walkways and much more. Concourse D was built in 1999 and handles regional aircraft.

The international airport in Cleveland is the 36th busiest airport in the United States. It had over nine million passengers in 2011. Between the Concourses of C and D, there are humongous paper airplane sculptures, which are hung from the ceiling. During the second quarter of the twentieth century, Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart made regular visits to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Cleveland Hopkins was the first airport to have an airfield lighting system and an air traffic control tower.

For folks who need onsite parking at Cleveland Hopkins, there are over 7,000 parking places in which to park a vehicle at the airport. It is open to people 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Shuttles bring visitors to and from the ticketing area in a timely manner. The airport has a team of security professionals who patrol the parking garages and are available in times of need. For folks who need emergency vehicle assistance, the airport provides that service.

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