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With a beautiful cityscape to see during the day or at night, Cincinnati in the state of Ohio is an exciting and modern metropolis known for its professional football team, the Cincinnati Bengals. The city is also known for its Major League Baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds. The TV sitcom, WKRP in Cincinnati celebrated the city skyline in its introductions. This television program was popular when first running and then as reruns. Cincinnati has a long history as a successful and well-loved urban center, and it remains vibrant on the banks of the Ohio River today.

Sitting on the north side of the river, this urban center had a good start. The late 1780s was when it was founded. Early in the 1800s, the town became the first truly American inland boomtown. Watercraft made trade convenient. Soon the city grew to the size of the more successful coastal cities like Boston and New York, rivaling the eastern urban centers in wealth and population. By the end of the 19th century, Cincinnati was considered the United States' Paris.

Unfortunately for the city, railroads overtook river transportation. With the use of the rails and train systems, Chicago gained and Cincinnati was the loser. Growth in Cincinnati slowed after the start of the 1900s. Still, the economy soon righted itself, and corporations like Proctor and Gamble, and Macy's Inc. headquartered in this Southern Ohio urban center.

The current greater metro area of Cincinnati covers land in Ohio and the border state of Kentucky. The terrain of the city includes scenic bluffs and hills each with their own stunning views of the city and the Ohio River as well as the Bluegrass rural region beyond the city limits.

Now, this Midwestern city enjoys four seasons to the fullest. Humidity is high in the summer and the winter receives an average of 22 inches of snow. Summer temperature highs hover near 85 degrees Fahrenheit while the winter high temperatures linger around 38-40 degrees.

Cincinnati has a wide selection of buildings constructed in different impressive architecture styles, and one famous section of the city stands out historically. The historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood has multiple notable buildings built from the mid-1800s through the turn of the 20th century. Within this district is found one of the world's most impressive collections of Italianate architecture popular during the Victorian Age.

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