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Cincinnati International Airport Information

The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is located in Hebron, Kentucky and is less than 15 miles away from Cincinnati, Ohio. Some people know it as the Greater Cincinnati Airport. The airport was originally for the military during World War II. After the war ended, commercial flights began coming to the airport in 1947. As the air traffic at Greater Cincinnati Airport started to grow, terminals were built and a number of concourses were added to assist with the rising numbers of commercial traffic.

There are four runways at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Two are made of concrete and two are made of asphalt and concrete. The shortest runway is 8,000 feet and the longest one is 12,000 feet.

The airport has three terminals it has built over the years. In 1960, Terminal 1 was the first one built. Today, the terminal is used for administrative offices. In 1974, Terminals 2 and 3 were constructed. Terminal 2 closed in the spring of 2012. Terminal 3, which is known as the Main Terminal, received a number of renovations and expansions to better serve travelers and accommodate air traffic. It has three concourses. Concourse A recently received a major renovation. Concourse B receives international flights. These concourses connect through an underground transit system. Concourse C closed due to lack of traffic. In addition, it was accessible only through a bus system since it was not directly connect to the Main Terminal. However, it is open for certain events.

There are 14 paintings that display working Americans at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Originally, they were located in the Union Terminal railway station in Cincinnati. When the railway station was to be destroyed, people came together to raise the necessary funds to transport the murals to the airport. They were all moved and installed in the course of about a year and were seen by airport passengers by 1974.

The Greater Cincinnati Airport has a number of parking options. The Terminal Garage is an excellent place to park. This location protects vehicles from the natural elements. At the ValuPark Long-Term Lot, folks can park their vehicles for an extended amount of time at good prices. There is a shuttle service that brings folks to and from the terminal. The Cell Phone Lot is a location where people can park for free while they are waiting for their passengers to arrive.

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