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The "Windy City" of Chicago, Illinois offers plenty for the tourist who demands it all.

Located in the Midwestern United States, near to Lake Michigan, Chicago became a city in 1837. Just over 30 years later, The Great Fire of 1871 burned down most of the city's buildings, which were primarily constructed of wood. The city recovered and celebrated its renewal at its World Columbian Exposition of 1893, or as we call it, The Chicago World's Fair. Today, Chicago is home to the famous Sears Tower, now known as the Skydeck, which is 1,450 feet tall and is the tallest building in North America.

The Skydeck offers its visitors an incredible view, one that includes portions of four states. Recently, a clear glass ledge was added to the Skydeck, only making the view even more breathtaking. Finding the time to visit the Skydeck is easy because it is open all week and all year, even on holidays.

If you're vacationing on a budget, Chicago's Cultural Center showcases free theater shows, art exhibitions, and more. The center boasts some of the finest architecture in the city and is even available for weddings.

Another great and free attraction in the city is Chicago's public Millennium Park. The park is a frequent host to various festivals throughout the year. It's also the perfect place for a peaceful springtime walk.

There's no question that food is a necessity on any trip. Chicago is well known for two of everyone's favorite foods, hot dogs and pizza. The Chicago-style hot dog is exploding with toppings, onions, tomatoes, relish, mustard, pickles, and peppers all stuffed into a poppy seed bun. Chicago-style pizza is meant to be one way and that's deep dish, two-inches thick.

Where's the best place to get a Chicago-style hot dog? Most would say Superdawg Drive-in established in 1948. Their hot dog is so packed it comes in a box.

How about deep-dish pizza? Well, it originated at Chicago's Pizzeria Uno in 1943. The restaurant is still in operation today and is one of the city's most-loved pizza shops. Can't get enough deep dish? Be sure to also add Gino's East to your pizzeria list.

Lastly, as part of your Chicago adventure, take a stroll down the city's Magnificent Mile, located along Michigan Avenue. The strip includes famous stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, and Macy's.

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