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Charlotte Douglas International Airport was built in 1937. At that time, it was a tiny airport due to small demand for flights. However, as time went on, the airport grew. This was to be expected, but not at the rate of what happened between the mid-1990s and the present. Today, 35 million passengers travel to and from Charlotte Douglas International Airport each year. The majority of these passengers are traveling for business purposes, which has a lot to do with Charlotte being the second largest banking sector in the country, as well as the home base for NASCAR and home to Lowe’s Corporation. Another factor is transplants. Young adults are constantly moving to the Charlotte area from the northeast due the affordability of the homes in the area as well as the moderate climate and overall quality of life. Not only do these young adults fly frequently, but their relatives also fly in and out of town on a consistent basis.

What people love most about Charlotte Douglas International Airport is its simplicity. Approaching the airport by car is not stressful whatsoever. There is a sign for Arrivals, Departures, and a Cell Phone Lot. The Cell Phone Lot is to the right, Departures are on the Upper Level, and Arrivals are on the Lower Level. The Lower Level is set up so people waiting will be able to enjoy their wait. There is a small parking garage to the left that will not charge if you wait for less than one hour. After that, it’s only $1 per hour. Once you walk out of the garage, there is a beautiful fountain with benches surrounding it. Despite its beauty, this area is never crowded. Inside is a gift shop with candy, drinks, magazines, and books, as well as an information center about local attractions, restrooms, and hundreds of seats. Next to the gift shop is a cluster of flight display monitors. This area can get crowded considering its right next to the tables outside the gift shop. On the Upper Level, there are many shopping and dining options beyond the security gate.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport has 5 concourses and 98 gates. The airport is about 10 minutes from Downtown Charlotte. It’s a straight shot on I-85 North, which is a road that rarely has traffic. The address for the Charlotte Douglas International Airport is 5501 Josh Birmingham Parkway.

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