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The Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina is the biggest airport in the state. It was founded in 1935 as the Charlotte Municipal Airport. The military of the United States used the airport as a base in 1941. Over the course of time, terminals were built and flights were added as the airport grew in size. After being renamed in 1954 after the former mayor of Charlotte, the airport received its current name as Charlotte Douglas International Airport in 1982. Today, the airport is shared with the military.

Charlotte Douglas International has five concourses. Concourse A was originally built in 1986. The Concourses of B and C went through an expansion period in the 1980's. Concourse D received an expansion as well while Concourse E first opened in 2002.

There are four runways at the airport. The shortest one is just over 7,500 feet while the longest one is 10,000 feet exactly. The newest runway of the airport began in 2007. The purpose was to increase the number of flights that arrive in Charlotte at the same time. The construction for the new runway was completed in 2010.

The Charlotte airport has sought to enhance the overall passenger experience with artwork. The project is called Just Plane Art. It displays a number of permanent exhibits that rotate over the course of time. The exhibits include sculptures and picture art.

For folks who are looking to park their vehicles, there are over 26,000 spaces from which to choose. For folks whose vehicles will be at the airport for an extended period, Long Term Parking is an excellent idea. Four lots are exclusively reserved for long-term customers. Rates are fixed and there is a free shuttle service that transports travelers from the shelter to the terminal. Daily Parking is available for folks at good prices. Free shuttle service is provided. For people who are picking up or dropping off travelers, the Charlotte airport has an Hourly Deck that gives folks the opportunity to take time to say goodbyes or hellos without feeling pressure to get up and drive away. Business and Curbside Valet offer travelers the freedom to drop off their vehicles and not worry about it until it is time to pick it up again. There is a Cell Phone Waiting Lot for folks who prefer to wait in their vehicles until their passengers arrive.

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