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Charleston International Airport Information

Charleston International Airport is located in North Charleston, South Carolina. It is less than 15 miles from the city of Charleston. Originally, the airport was privately owned. The first of operation was in 1929. After the city of Charleston purchased it, the new ownership began to enhance the airfield. The United States Army received control of the airport in 1942, though commercial flights continued during that time. The army expanded the airport, but the base where it was stationed was discontinued in 1946. With the start of the Korean War, the United States Air Force and the city of Charleston came to an agreement concerning the runways and the army base. Over the course of time, the Charleston County Aviation Authority was formed and took control of the operations of the airport.

There is one terminal at Charleston International Airport. It was built in 1987. There are two concourses which function out of the main terminal. When one faces the main entrance of the terminal, Concourse A is on the right and Concourse B is on the left. Concourse B is the concourse for people who are taking international flights. There are two runways at Charleston airport. One runway is just over 7,000 feet long and is made out of asphalt. The other is 9,000 feet long and made out of concrete.

For folks who are parking in the Charleston airport, there are a number of options in which to find a parking place. In the Surface Lot, folks can park their vehicles for up to 30 days. If there is a need to park it there for an extended amount of time, the airport is willing to work with individuals to accommodate their needs. The Surface Lot is open not only for long-term parking, but also for short-term parking. Fees for short-term parking are relatively inexpensive. Another location on which to park is the Deck. With the exception of parking a vehicle overnight, the prices for the Deck are similar to the Surface Lot. The airport has provided a Cell Phone Waiting Area for folks who desire to pick up their passengers who have just arrived from a flight. The waiting area is free. One of the benefits of this waiting area is the fact that the airport does not have a curbside waiting area. Valet Parking is a convenient and available option for travelers to use.

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