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Caracas International Airport Information

The Caracas International Airport, CCS, is also known as Aeropuerto Internacional de Maiquietia Simon Bolivar, located directly on the beautiful coast of Maiquietia, only 16 miles north of the capital city of Venezuela, Caracus. A high volume tourist destination and very popular airport of South America, the airport provides several domestic, as well as international flights throughout South, Central, and North America, and Europe also.

The airport has been under expansion, increasing capacity and amenities, ensuring that every passenger is able to access all necessary services needed during a trip through the Caracas International Airport. The airport is known as the gateway to the famous Salto Angel, or Angel Falls, as well as the Curacao Island, which can be reached within between 30 minutes and an hour.

There are 2 runways of the Caracas International Airport, one for the international and one for the domestic flights offered through the airport. The airport currently serves approximately 8.8 million people annually, reaching high numbers for South America, offering one of the largest and most traveled airports within the country.

There are three separate passenger terminals within the airport, with several other amenities as well. Banking is offered, featuring a banking center and several ATM’s throughout the airport. Caracas International Airport offers some wonderful restaurants, including Restaurante Caroni, Benihana, Dulceria La Tapara, and Friday’s. There are many business services featured through the vast airport, with a pharmacy as well. Shopping is plentiful within the airport, with great shops including Mac Traiding, Jardines, and Laur Kemp Boutique to provide a wonderful pastime for layover passengers.

Located near the capital city, the airport provides quick and easy access to wonderful venues within Venezuela, providing a wonderful stop for any journey. Many passengers choose to utilize the hotel services surrounding the airport, with expansion bringing in a Hilton Hotel for luxury accommodations within immediate access of the airport.

Caracas International Airport is a very large and popular airport within South America, located within a prime territory for tourism and travel. Flights frequent the globe yearly, offering various amenities bringing forth top quality for passengers flying through the country. The beautiful sites near and surrounding the airport increase the value of the airport with high capacity each year for passenger travel from all over the world. Stopping through Caracas International Airport can be quite a journey in itself, with several options for enjoying a long or short lay over.

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