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Caracas Maiquetia International Airport CCS, also known as Aeropuerto Internacional de Maiquetia Simon Bolivar, is in the state of Vargas. Travelers heading to Curacao Island or to Salto Angel (Angel Falls) frequently use this airport. Flights also go to numerous cities in Venezuela, as well as to North America, Central America, South America, and Europe. Travel to the airport is a distance of about 16 miles, traveling north from Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela. It takes about a half-hour to get to the airport when there is little traffic or an hour if there is traffic. From the east, the main road is the Autopista Norte-Sur, and from the west, motorists use the Avenida Aeropuerto.

Terminals, Airport Transport, and Parking
Passengers can choose between three terminals at Caracas Maiquetia Airport: the International Terminal, the Domestic Terminal, and the Commuter Terminal. The Commuter Terminal is used for passengers traveling to Los Rocques.

Ground transportation between the International and Domestic Terminals can be done by shuttle bus. There is also a pedestrian walkway.

Those traveling in their own car to the airport can park in front of both the International and Domestic terminals. Both short as well as long-term parking is available year round.

Transportation from Caracas Maiquetia Airport
Passengers have three options to travel from Caracas Maiquetia Airport: they can rent a car, use a taxi, or travel by bus.

There are 8 rental agencies with desks located in both the Domestic and International terminals.
Passengers should stop by the yellow desks in the Domestic and International terminals to pay for an authorized taxi in advance. This is not necessary, but an important security. The taxis are black and are waiting just outside the terminal. Taxis go to Valencia or Maracay.

Passengers can also choose the UCAM buses. These take passengers all the way to Parque Central in Caracas. The trip takes about 40 minutes.

Transportation to Caracas Maiquetia Airport
Apart from travel to Caracas Maiquetia airport by taxi, passengers can also use the large shuttle vans. These pick up passengers from their hotel, home, or office. By sharing a ride with others in your area, the costs are much cheaper than taking a taxi.

Alternatives to airport shuttle vans are private vans, which can be reserved for groups or families.

Finally, there are a number of luxury services available as well. Passengers can take a Lincoln Towncar sedan or something similar to the airport. These can accommodate about 3 passengers. There are also long limousines, which can hold several passengers.
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