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The beautiful setting of Cape Town, South Africa along the mountainous spine of the Cape Peninsula is the most visited urban center in all-southern Africa. Located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean the city centers on Table Mountain, most often shrouded by low hanging clouds. Cape Town provides a fantastically romantic place to visit.

Table Mountain forms distinct zones within the city. Public gardens in one area, wilderness in another, forests, hiking trails, even vineyards, and residential areas gliding down its lower slopes. Standing on the mountaintop, the north view displays the city center with matchbox ships dotting the seaboard. Looking west past the Twelve Apostles there is a sheer drop as one’s gaze travels over Africa’s most expensive real estate which clings to the mountainside along the spectacular Atlantic seaboard. The southern mountains are a combination of historic vineyards, forests, and fantastic Botanical Gardens growing up the lower slopes.

Past the oak-lined streets of the suburbs lies this side of False Bay whose seaside curves to Cape Point. The industrial section houses the black residents in townships and ghettos. If the traveler drives into the city this is their first uninspiring view of the area.

Cape Town is best enjoyed by spending time outdoors. The locals encourage tourists to hike, sunbathe, picnic, and use mountain bikes instead of cars. They have made adventure travel an obsession. The city’s diverse architecture includes the Cape Dutch style, which was imported from the Netherlands, forming a rich urban texture. Muslims added minarets to the skyline, and English invaders who freed them introduced Victorian and Georgian architecture. Constantia wine estates rose in quality during the seventeenth century due to the influence of French refugees.

Table Mountain stretches from Devil’s Peak to Lion’s head, a three-kilometer distance. Five hundred fifty well-established paths open the mountain to hikers, walkers, and climbers. Come prepared for weather changes since the mountain is famous for dramatic weather swings happening quickly. Those who prefer may enjoy the Aerial Cableway taking passengers around the mountain on a five-minute ascent and descent. The summit cable station offers a restaurant, viewing platforms, and a souvenir shop.

A palm tree lined white sand beach, Camps Bay, borders the cold waters of the Atlantic. Beneath the Twelve Apostles mountain peaks and only ten minutes from Cape Town’s city center, it is the city’s most popular beach area. Clifton beach, also breath taking, provides seclusion from the Atlantic winds. The road to the beach offers fantastic sea views with a variety of festive cafes and restaurants.

The largest aquarium in South Africa is the Two Oceans Aquarium, which is home to over 300 marine species in informative displays. Seals may be seen underwater and guests can watch the kelp forest filled with fish swaying around them.

International cuisine may be enjoyed in a variety of local restaurants. La Colombe’s romantic French ambiance complements the menu exactly. Bukhara allows one to enjoy a complete mix of Indian fare. The Saigon is a Vietnamese alternative to Thai, Chinese, and Japanese options also available within Cape Town’s confines.

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