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Calgary's International Airport is located at 2000 Airport Road NE near Northeast 16th Avenue and Calgary's Foothills Industrial Area. It is divided into three levels. Each of these levels has access to parking structures, cafes, shops and other amenities. The airport also features several bays located outside the main entrance of the airport that allow buses and cars to shuttle passengers to and from the airport.

Here is a quick guide about Calgary's International Airport which can help passengers use the airport more efficiently. The guide includes detailed information about the airport's three main levels which can help passengers locate the airport's parking, customs, ticketing services and other amenities.

The lower level is called the Arrivals Level.
It's located very close to a bus stop that serves Route 57 near North 37th Avenue. Passengers may also enter the Arrivals Level by traveling along East 36th Street or East 39th Street towards the airport's main entrance.

The Arrivals Level features several important features located outside the main entrance. For example, the area across the street from the Arrivals Level includes several parking bays for cars and buses. Passengers may use these bays to take shuttles or taxis to and from the airport.

In addition, the area across the street from the Arrivals Level houses a parking structure and a rental car center. Passengers may purchase car rentals and parking passes from one of the 8 booths located here. Passengers who are lost may consult maps located near the doorways for more information.

The area inside the Arrivals Level contains several important features. For example, there are several baggage carousels and a lobby located very close to the main entrance. As you go towards the escalators in the back of the area, you will find a custom's center, several bathrooms and a ticketing center.

The middle level is called the Departures Level.
This area is used to process passengers that are boarding flights leaving the area. Therefore, passengers can expect to find two currency exchange centers and two custom's booths located on the left-hand side of the space. The area also includes several small shops, lounges and bathrooms which are located near the middle of the space.

In addition, the Departures Level also includes 40 gates that allow passengers board and depart planes. These gates are located in the back of the building near the lounges and bathrooms.

Furthermore, the Departures Level also features a rental car centre and two parking structures located near the escalators and the main entrance to the Departures Level. Passengers may use the escalators to reach most places located elsewhere inside the airport.

Finally, the airport's Mezzanine Level features food courts, shops and access to parking structures.
This area is usually open from about 6 AM until 12 midnight each day the airport is in operation. It features several restaurants, small convenience stores and a newsstand. It also features several ATMs, a cell phone charging station and several bathrooms located near the escalators. As a result, passengers can find everything they need to make their visit to Calgary International Airport a pleasant experience inside the airport's Mezzanine Level.

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