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The largest city in Canada's province of Alberta, Calgary, is situated on the edge of the prairie and the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Calgary is known today for its festivals, its nearness to the mountain resort towns of Jasper and Banff as well as for its hosting of the Winter Olympics of 1988 and some major Olympic events of in 2010's Winter Olympics held in Vancouver. Considered as the gateway to the Rockies in Canada, Calgary is a vibrant municipality that is a commercial hub for the country.

A scenic city and skyline, the urban center grew quickly and was successful largely because of the oil industry. In the early 1900s, some oil was found. Then in 1947, the vast deposits were located and the industry began in earnest.

Of course, the story of Calgary starts before the 1900s. Indigenous people lived in the area for centuries, and Europeans passed through and eventually settled in the late 1800s. Track and train service was established in the 1880s. Still, real growth happened after the year 1900. Oil made Calgary a boom town, and an exciting sporting event started in 1912 that is still widely popular today. The Calgary Stampede began that year and remains an exciting rodeo and agricultural show.

The steady expansion has continued into recent years. In the 2000s, land annexation brought further hamlets and towns within the city limits of Calgary. Additionally, the city is part of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor, and the city is less than 200 miles from Edmonton to its north.

Now, the location of Calgary in southern Alberta experiences changeable weather. Still, most often the dry climate provides short summers with temperatures averagely ranging between 46 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters are long and the daytime high temperatures are regularly near 30 degrees.

The weather extremes do not seem to have any negative influence over the spirit of Calgary, a city with much to offer. The oil industry and the railway are still top employers who provide jobs for citizens. The city has parks as well as restaurant, shopping, and theatre districts. Additionally, the natural heavenly phenomenon known as the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, illuminates the sky on some clear evenings, and sometimes it is visible with the nighttime cityscape of Calgary. The spectacular natural show of lights show is quite amazing to witness. Photographs cannot fully do justice the Aurora scenes in the sky.

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