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Cairns, Australia, is a city in Far North Queensland. It was founded in 1876 to serve the miners going to the Hodgkinson River gold fields. Later, when the railroad came, it was a main exporting port for gold, sugarcane, and other minerals. It was also a successful source for local agriculture, and the creation of a harbor in 1906 helped its economic future. Tourists love Cairns because of its tropical climate, and because it is a major gateway for visiting the Great Barrier Reef.

The city is located on the eastern cost of the Cape York Peninsula. There are many beach suburbs to the north that are at the end of spur roads. There are also suburbs inland that are at the foot of the Great Dividing Range. It is 1,700 kilometers north of Brisbane by car. There are many government departments that have regional offices in Cairns.

Originally, Cairns was inhabited by the indigenous Walubarra Yidinji who still claim their property rights. In 1770, Captain James Cook first mapped the area, but it wasn't for 100 years that the potential for a port was recognized.

During World War II, it was a staging base for Pacific operations for the Allied Forces. It was also the site for Special Forces training. After the war, tourism became the main economic factor. It is one of the top four international tourist destinations in Australia. This is because it is a good place to stay while visiting the Wet Tropics of Queensland and the Atherton Tableland as well as the Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns has a warm, tropical climate with a tropical monsoon from November to May. The dry season is from June to October, but it does rain during these months also. During the monsoon months, tropical cyclones may affect the city. Sometimes during the monsoon season, flooding of the Barron and Mulgrave Rivers will cut off access to the city by rail and road.

Cairns is the main commercial centre for the Cape York Peninsula as well as the Far North Queensland. The largest of the several shopping centres in the area is the Cairns Central shopping centre. It is a two storey structure and is built over the Cairns Railway Station. It contains six cinema complexes, two department stores, two supermarkets and many shops. It has many restaurants and a 700-seat food court. It also has the largest supermarket in Australia.

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