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Cairns International Airport, also known by the airport code CNS, serves the Queensland, Australia region from its location at Cairns. Along with commercial air service, the airport serves as an operational base for the State Emergency Services and is used for search and rescue operations. The Royal Flying Doctor Service utilizes the airport for its operations delivering medical care to patients in the Australian Outback.

The first air operations at Cairns go back to pilots using the sandy areas near the beach as runways during low tides. During World War II, more permanent facilities were constructed and used by the U.S. Army Air Corps. Civilian use after the war included upgrades in passenger facilities as well as longer and stronger runways to handle jet aircraft.

Passengers at Cairns International Airport utilize one of two terminals for arrivals and departures. The International Terminal provides security and customs services for passengers arriving from places outside Australia and has six Jetways. The Domestic Terminal serves passengers traveling within Australia and has five Jetways. The two terminals are located near each other facilitating international arrivals transferring to domestic flights easily.

About 4 million passengers utilize the airport each year. The most common destinations for travelers are all within Australia with about one out of four traveling to or from Brisbane. Tokyo, Japan is the most common international destination with about 2 percent of all travelers. The airport also serves regional passengers traveling to or from some of the small rural airports of northern Australia.

Commercial air operations at Cairns International Airport utilize a single 10,500 foot or 3,200 meter runway. A general aviation runway of about 3,000 feet or 900 meters is not commonly used. Passengers flying in or out of Cairns may enjoy the beach or mountain views available during approach. Depending on the flight path, travelers may see the area of Mount Whitfield or Trinity Bay. The airport sees about 45,000 take offs or landings each year ranking it seventh among Australia's commercial airports.

Cairns International Airport is located just four miles or seven kilometers from the downtown business district of Cairns. This reduces the time required to reach many destinations from the airport. There is no rail service, but shuttles provide transportation to many hotels as well as regional attractions. Car rentals and taxis are also available.

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