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Airlines Serving Cairns Airport

The Cairns International Airport has two passenger terminals. They are located approximately 660 feet from one another in different buildings. One terminal is strictly for domestic airlines and flights and the other is for international airlines and international flights. The airport is served by seven domestic airlines, which include Qantas Airlines, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Skytrans, Tiger Airlines, Virgin Blue, and Hinterland Aviation. These domestic airlines transport passengers to and from the Cairns International Airport to destinations around Australia. These destinations include cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Alice Springs, Hamilton Island, Gold Coast, Townsville, Palm Island, Cooktown, and Perth. Jetstar, Qantas, and Virgin Australia all serve as international airlines as well.

The Cairns International Airport is served by eight international airlines; Qantas, Virgin Australia, and Jetstar are included in the eight international airlines. The other five international airlines consist of United Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Airlines PNG, Air Niugini, and Air New Zealand. The international destinations that airlines from Cairns International travel to include Auckland, Port Moresby, Hong Kong, Toyko, Singapore, and Guam.

There is only one runway at the Cairns International Airport. It is approximately 10,534 feet long. All airlines departing terminals one and two use the same runway, as well as incoming flights from destinations all over the country and the world. Terminal Two is the terminal in which passengers will go to board and disembark all domestic flights into and out of the Cairns International Airport. Terminal One services all of the international flights in and out of Cairns.

More than 3 million passengers fly into and out of the Cairns International Airport on an annual basis. The domestic schedule includes 29 nonstop flights that depart the airport on a weekly basis. Additionally, there are approximately 43 international flights per week departing the Cairns International Airport. There are approximately 136 planes that service this airport on a regular basis. Additionally, there are hundreds of flight arrivals into the Cairns International Airport on a daily basis.

The Cairns International Airport is not a large airport; therefore, it is not a main hub to any airline that services this location. However, Qantas Airlines uses the Cairns International Airport more than any of the other airlines that fly into and out of this location. A large part of the reason for this is that Qantas Airlines also has flights on QantasLink planes coming into and out of the Cairns International Airport.

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