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Burbank International Airport Information

Located in the affluent city of Burbank, the Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR) serves as one of the major gateways into the Los Angeles region of California. The history of BUR Airport can be traced to Memorial Day of 1930, when it opened under the name United Airport. In fact, United Airport was one of the first multi-million dollar aviation facilities in the United States at the time. By World War II, the Lockheed Aircraft Company purchased the airport and renamed it into Lockheed Air Terminal. During the war, the airport provided commercial passenger service while thousands of legendary American fighter jets took off from the runways for the war effort.

Several decades after World War II, Lockheed Air Terminal was renamed to Hollywood-Burbank Airport and Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport. In 2003, the name of the airport changed to honor the legendary entertainer Bob Hope. Born in England, Bob Hope became an iconic American figure well known for his entertainment tours for the United States military. With the world famous Hollywood entertainment district not to far away from Burbank, renaming the airport in honor of Bob Hope was surely the right decision.

The Burbank Bob Hope Airport has two relatively short asphalt runways that intersect each other. One runway (15/33) is about 7,000 feet long and the other runway (8/26) spans about 5,800 feet. In fact, modern aviation technology allowed major jet service to return to the runways of the airport in the 1960's, when many of the jumbo jets began operating from nearby LAX Airport in Los Angeles.

With a size of more than 220,000 square feet, the terminal building at Burbank Bob Hope Airport adequately accommodates more than 4 million passengers every year. The historic airport has become a major part of the history and culture of the southern California region. In the terminal building, there is a large bronze wall mounted statue honoring the great Bob Hope. Additionally, the airport invites visitors to explore history exhibitions and the Lockheed Stealth Aircraft Display. There are great opportunities for the entire family to learn about aviation history and pay tribute to American heroes.

One of the luxuries at Burbank Bob Hope Airport is valet parking. Arriving drivers can drop off their vehicles and keys right at the Valet Center next to the terminal building. Additionally, there are parking spaces for short term and long term stays.

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