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Brussels Airport Ground Transportation

As the capital of the European Union, Brussels has become a destination or transit point for many international flights. The Brussels airport is relatively easy to navigate, and many transportation options are available so that you can get to central Brussels quickly and pleasantly.

The Brussels airport is not a particularly large or elaborately laid out airport, so that going to and from departure and transfer gates and lounges or visiting the airport shops is very easy and is just a matter of following the prominent signs that direct you to your desired location. Comfortable electric sidewalks are available to make it easier for you to navigate the airport while carrying luggage or purchases.

Once you have landed and need to leave the airport, as well as when you need to return for your departing flight, there are many convenient options available. The most convenient is probably the express train which connects the airport with various stops in the city, its environs, and beyond. It is extremely low priced at three euro, and departs from a terminal which can be reached by a simple elevator ride from the main airport.

For those who prefer being able to view the scenery as they enter the city, there is a bus shuttle service which also operates frequently between the airport and popular Brussels locations, as well as connecting with a shuttle that goes on to nearby Antwerp, a popular business and tourist destination located 45 minutes from Brussels.

In addition, most major hotels provide shuttles, which depart from and drop off at the coach park which is conveniently located at the ground floor. Taxis and limousines are available, and while Brussels is a civilized and clean city, it is still advised to ensure that the taxi or other private transportation service that you are using indeed is a licensed and regulated one, as are most of the ones that stop to pick up and drop off passengers at the clearly marked taxi stands outside the airport.

Even bicyclists and pedestrians find it easy to access and depart Brussels Airport, as do rental car customers and others who arrive by car.

Indeed, the Brussels Airport is well designed and very passenger friendly. It is a perfect image of the welcoming and orderly city which awaits its business traveler and tourist guests.

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