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Brussels Airport, also known by the airport code BRU, provides passenger serves to the Brussels region from a location in the nearby communities of Zaventem and Diegem. Air operations at the facility actually began during World War II with German forces utilizing three runways for operations against the Allies. Local history, or possibly just a good story, indicates the local population suggested the location for the German air base because it was often foggy. Latter in the war, the English used it for air operations against Germany. Authorities converted the facility to civilian use after the war.

The airport is one of the major employers of the area. Between direct airport employees, support staff, ground crews and vendors, the workforce numbers about 20,000 people. The airport is operated by The Brussels Airport Company.

The airport is not among the busiest in Europe with about 18 million passengers moving through its gates every year. The airport sees about a quarter million take offs and landings each year on its three runways. Runways range in length from about 3,000 meters or 9,800 feet to 3,600 meters or about 12,000 feet. Melsbroek Air Base, a post of the Belgian Air Force, utilizes the runways at the Brussels Airport but does not utilize any of the other structures or facilities.

Passengers pass through one of two terminals both of which are equipped to handle international passengers. Both terminals also serve the charter and executive travelers as well. A separate terminal and warehouse facility handles roughly 475,000 tons of airfreight each year. Most cargo aircraft are unloaded within one hour of arrival.

Passengers changing planes at Brussels Airport may be required to pass through security depending on their origination point and final destination. The airport includes security screening points in both terminals for passenger convenience.

The Brussels region also receives commercial air service through Brussels-South Charleroi Airport. Brussels-South is located about 25 miles from the city of Brussels while Brussels Airport is closer at about 7 miles. Ground transportation by bus, rail, shuttle, and taxi is available from the airport to the city. It is also one of the few airports in the world with a dedicated bike path allowing passengers to power their own journey from the airport to the city. Specialized facilities for secure storage of bikes is also available.

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