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Airlines Serving Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is an international airport and is also referred to as Zaventern and Brussels National. It is located in Belgium, in the northeast of Brussels. The airport is located halfway between Zaventem and the Diegem area of Machelen. Situated in the Flemish Region of Belgium.

Every day, 84 flights arrive at Brussels Airport. Over 90 airlines, from around the world, operate out of Brussels Airport. Many of these airlines provide cheap flights to Brussels.

Flights are available throughout Europe through Aer Lingus, Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, Austrian Airways, Brussels Airlines, and Jetairfly. Airlines to American and Canada include Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and US Airways. Specific airlines provide flights to certain countries throughout the world.

Most long-haul international flights connect at London, Amsterdam, or Frankfurt before flying into Brussels Airport. London is the most popular hub for flight connections, with 17 airlines from London operating out of Brussels Airport. Airlines that fly to Brussels from London are American Airlines, Air France, British Airways, KLM, Thomson, Wizzair, EasyJet, and Ryanair. Flight duration from London to Brussels generally lasts one hour, and usually leaves at 2.15am, local time.

Manchester is another popular connection hub. Airlines that fly to Brussels from Manchester are Thomson, Etihad, and Flythomascook. Flights from Manchester last one hour, and leave at 6.35 am local time.

Connecting airlines that terminate from Birmingham are Thomson, FlyBE, and Flythomascook. Flights from Birmingham to Brussels generally last one hour and most direct flights leave around 6.25 am local time.

Brussels Airport provides nonstop flights to 147 cities. Every week, at least 49 internal flights, and 6,524 international flights depart from Brussels Airport.

Brussels Airlines is Belgium's leading airline, providing outbound flights from Brussels Airport to most capital cities around the globe.

Flights terminate from Piers A and B. Internal flights operate from Pier A. Long-haul international flights operate from Pier B. There is 400 meters distance between the two piers.

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