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Brisbane Airport Ground Transportation

Brisbane International Airport is located 17 kilometers from the Central Business District of Brisbane and 90 kilometers from Surfer’s Paradise, a main tourist attraction in the area. Because of its convenient location, it is accessible by a number of different transportation methods.

One of the most common ways travelers reach this airport is by car. Brisbane Airport has 4 car-parks, all of which operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These car-parks include multi-level, undercover car-parks, short and long-term parking areas as well as valet parking. A new, multi-story car-park is under construction and will provide an additional 5000 car spaces.

Another way to reach the Brisbane International Airport is by using Coachtrans Australia. Coachtrans is the only licensed bus operator with this airport and is available for use after all flights. The service provides travelers with a convenient way to reach the Brisbane city or coast and provides exclusive curbside parking, air-conditioned buses, services 7 days a week and tickets, which can be purchased for one way or with a return.
Upon arriving at the airport, there is often a need for transportation within the airport. The Brisbane domestic and international terminals are separated. They are located 2 kilometers apart and require transportation between the two. To get from one terminal to another, an airport rail line (Airtrain), Inter-terminal bus (TBUS) and Taxis are available.

The airport rail line provides travelers with a quick way to arrive at one terminal and travel to the other one. The international railway station is elevated above ground and is near the international terminal; the domestic railway station is near the domestic terminal. This railway network is not associated with the city trains and are privately owned and operated by the Airtrain consortium. As a result, the ticket prices are different and more expensive than the public transportation services. While the airport itself operates 24 hours a day, the Airtrain service operates between 6am and 8pm, with trains running about every 30 minutes.

Another option for travelers to go between terminals is the inter-terminal bus, which connects the two terminals as well as near-by locations, such as the DFO Shopping Precinct and Novotel Hotel. The bus runs between 5am and 11pm for transfers between terminals and 6am to 6pm for transfers to and from the city.

Finally, taxi ranks are conveniently located at both the international and domestic terminals. They can transport passengers between the two terminals or to and from the city.

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