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The stunning Australian city of Brisbane is located in Queensland. It is situated by the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay and sits on a number of hills. Brisbane is ranked 3rd with regard to population in the country, with approximately 2.15 million people residing in the metropolitan area. The name of the city is derived from the river upon which it is situated and in 2008, the city was given the classification of a Global city. Brisbane is known for its humid subtropical climate with its highest temperature on record being 110°F in 1940.

The city was originally home to the Turrbals and the Jageras. Matthew Flinders came to the Moreton Bay during one of his explorations and on July 17, 1799, he arrived at Woody Point, which he renamed Red Cliff Point. In 1823, the Governor of New South Wales, Thomas Brisbane, gave the orders to develop a northern penal settlement so Moreton Bay was explored again, only this time by John Oxley. The discovery of the Brisbane River is credited to Oxley who also gave its name. It was Oxley's recommendation that Red Cliff Point be the northern penal settlement, as it was a great landing point for ships. A group of fourteen soldiers, their spouses, and children, along with twenty-nine convicts came to Redcliffe on September 13, 1824 and were led by Lieutenant Henry Miller. Their settlement was relocated to North Quay, a location on the Brisbane River and was named Edenglassie by Chief Justice Forbes. Starting in 1837, German missionaries began arriving in Zions Hill, Nundah and began to establish the German Station, their mission. Free settlers began arriving during the next 5 years and it was not until 1840 that Robert Dixon started a project on Brisbane Town, plans to take it into the next century. Queensland became a colony of its own on June 6, 1859 and Brisbane was named the capital. Brisbane finally incorporated as a city of its own in 1902.

Today, the city's positive atmosphere and creative culture has made it a modern day city. The city is experiencing rapid development and progressive viewpoints. It has a youthful vibrancy about it and a very active yet relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The city's consistently warm climate, picturesque views, and friendly residents is a huge attraction for tourists and has made it the strongest growing city in the country.

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