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Brasilia Airport Ground Transportation

Brazil is a large and busy country, so you will want to know how to get around before your plane lands and you find yourself in the middle of everything. Trying to struggle through the crowds to find your transportation options is hard and is only made harder if you do not speak the language. Your first option for transportation away from the airport and into the city is to use the bus system. These buses can be found leaving from right in front of the main terminal building. You do not have to have a reservation or show up at any certain time as there are always buses leaving. This is a nice, cheap way to get into the center of the city. The buses are dependable, but they may be packed, leaving you very little space for your luggage.

To make sure that you can take your entire luggage with you, try grabbing one of the taxis outside of the terminal instead of the buses. Taxis in Brazil are notoriously cheap, so this is a better option at Brasilia International Airport BSB than at many other airports around the world. You can generally get a ride into the city for fewer than fifteen US dollars. This is a very nice way to go not only because of the price and the ability to carry your luggage but because you can get right to your destination. Some of the taxis are small, though, so be aware if you are traveling with a large group. You may need to get multiple taxis or to take the bus instead with its larger capacity.

If neither of those options seems any good, try renting a car. The companies that you have to choose from are Disbrave, Interlocadora, Hertz, Localiza, Unidas, and Locarauto. They can work with you to find a car that you can afford for the time that you need it. This is the most convenient option of all since you can continue using the car to get around and see the sights in Brazil even after you have left the airport -- you can then use it to get back for your return flight.

It should be noted that there are now two terminals at this airport; one of them is very new, so keep this in mind even if you have been to the airport before. Fortunately, there is a shuttle bus between the pair of terminals.

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