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The capital of the state of Massachusetts, Boston is a key financial and cultural as well as a historic player in the United States. The city is known for its Major League Baseball team that was one of the founding teams of the National Baseball Association, the Boston Red Sox. Of course, many people visit the famous city and want try authentic Boston Cream Pie and baked beans. Boston is one of the United States' top destinations for the country's citizens and tourists from around the world, and it is the largest of the urban centers in the New England States.

From its position on the Boston Harbor, the city extends over about 90 miles of area. Most of the land is reclaimed. Advanced engineering through the years has built up the land, transforming wetlands into stable dry land on which to construct Boston.

This beloved city has a fairly mild climate that is often classified as subtropical. The temperatures are moderate with summertime highs usually staying around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and winter lows mainly keeping above 20 degrees, but the humidity is often high during every season of the year. Periodically, sudden storms come in off the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, the story of Boston goes back thousands of years. In fact, ruins from ancient settlements in and around the city date back to around 4,000 BC. Then, the Puritans came over from England and Europe in the early 1600s to establish a town where they could keep their faith without persecution. They built Boston and named it after England's Lincolnshire town of Boston.

During the first of the Revolutionary War that freed the United States from British rule, Boston and its citizens were very much a part of all that occurred. One event that is famous is the "Boston Tea Party." To protest the taxation of tea and other commodities, colonists in the city dressed in the clothing and style of Native Americans and boarded English ships. They threw much expensive cargo including valuable tea into the Boston Harbor.

Over time, the urban center has been officially divided into districts. Each of the districts has its own distinctive culture including traditions and cuisine. Additionally, the Greater Boston region has numerous universities and other institutes of higher learning. Much to its credit, the city is better known for its rich history and its educational opportunities than its crime rate.

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