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Birmingham, Alabama Airport Ground Transportation

When landing in the Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport, you will have a lot of transportation options to get you away from the airport and out into the city. It is good to know what those options are beforehand, so that they will not seem so overwhelming. It is also good to know beforehand because some of the transportation methods require that you set them up before you get there, and they cannot be used -- or cannot be used as easily and promptly -- once you are already there. The following options are some of the choices that people use frequently, and you will find them convenient for your next trip through the airport.

Airport Shuttle
Airport Express is the current provider of the Airport Shuttle, and this is a good option if you are traveling with a group of people and need to get into the city. The shuttle can be set up before you arrive, either by calling them or going on their website to make arraignments, which means you will not have to wonder how you will get anywhere and have the added stress that that would bring. There is plenty of room in the shuttle bus for your luggage, and the drivers are very helpful and able to give you advice on getting around once you have left the shuttle.

Yellow Cab
This large cab company has vehicles all across America, and they always have plenty of them available right outside the airport's main terminal. You can call them when you arrive and they will promptly send a vehicle over, or you can just go outside and snag one of the vehicles that are waiting for that purpose. The Yellow Cab is convenient because you can have the ride all to yourself and not have to make other stops, as you could on the shuttle bus.

Rental Cars
On the ground level of the airport are desks where you can just rent a car and drive yourself away from the airport. This is far and away the most convenient option, and you get to keep the car after you arrive at your destination. The rental desks represent all of the major car companies, and can be found near Concourse B and the baggage area. This is also rather convenient, since you will not have to walk very far after picking up your bags.

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