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If you are traveling into the Birmingham UK Airport, knowing your transportation options before you arrive can save you a lot of time and hassle on the ground. You will likely be feeling the effects of the flight, so knowing that you can have quick transportation away from the airport can help to put your mind at ease. The following are some of the more popular ways to get transportation away from the airport, and one of these options should be perfect for you and your fellow travelers.

Taxi Cabs
As is true in most airports, there are a number of taxi companies who always have cabs waiting outside of the airport's main terminals. You can call them before you arrive by checking the local listings, or you can just go outside and wave one over. The drivers are always looking to help you out, and can take you right to the address that you need to get to.

The UK is largely connected by rail, and you can utilize this option right from the Birmingham UK Airport. The Skyrail connects the airport to the main train station, and the Skyrail is free to use. It runs about every two minutes, so you will never have to wait for long. From the main train station, you can find a train to take you anywhere around the city or the country. This is best used if you have a long way to go, as it is a fast and easy way to travel.

If you want to get right out of the city and travel to another city or another airport, one of the best ways to do this is on the buses provided by National Express. You will want to book your trip on the bus in advance by calling National Express or booking online, and from there they will direct you on how to find the bus that you need. This should not be used for the immediately surrounding area, but can get you to far-off destinations much more cost-effectively than a taxi cab.

Local Bus
If you are going somewhere close, the local buses stop right outside the terminal. These buses come every twenty minutes or so, and can take you down into the city. You will need to have exact change, however, or you will need to have a bus pass.

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