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Birmingham Airport is located just a few miles southwest of the city of Birmingham, England. In the late 1920's, the city council of Birmingham recognized that the city needed an airport and sought to build one. In 1939, the Duchess of Kent opened the new airport. It was originally known as the Elmdon Airport. Over the course of time, the airport changed names two other times. The name was changed to Birmingham International Airport and then to Birmingham Airport. During World War II, the British Airforce took control of the airport. In 1960, Birmingham received control of the airport. The airport grew in terms of flights and passenger travel. This was especially the case in international flights. In recent times, the Birmingham Airport has received a number of renovations and updates that sought to serve travelers needs.

At one time, there were two terminals at Birmingham Airport. Terminal 1 had just received a major renovation and expansion. When it was complete, it was renamed the International Pier. The decision was made to combine the two terminals into one main terminal. There were a number of reasons to do this, which included that one terminal provided less confusion for travelers.

There are a number of great places to park at Birmingham Airport. Drop & Go parking area is a terrific place to park for people who are bringing loved ones and friends to the airport. The price is inexpensive and is designed specifically as being a drop-off site for travelers going to the airport. For people who are seeking to pick up travelers, the Short/Medium Stay parking is a great choice. One of the benefits is the fact that drivers can stay in the parking lot for a longer period of time without having to pay extra. There is the benefit of having extra time to give the proper greeting when seeing passengers arrive at the airport compared with feeling pressure to leave right away. In addition to this, Short/Medium Stay is an excellent parking choice for folks who are traveling on business and will be gone for just a brief number of days. Valet parking is available at the airport. Folks can drop off their vehicles to attendants where they will store it until the owners come back. Additional places to park include Long-Stay parking area and off-site parking lots, which are serviced by shuttles.

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