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The Gold Coast of Australia is known all over the world as a fun place to go, a place where you can have the vacation of a lifetime relaxing on the beach and surfing on the waves. That being said, you will want to do everything that you can to take the stress and hassle out of your arrival; one thing that you can do is figure out what kind of transportation you want to use to get away from the airport before your plane even lands. The following are some of the more common choices, popular with many travelers.

Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle
The Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle is perfect because it can take you right to your accommodation. You can set the ride up beforehand by calling the company and arranging for the shuttle to take you straight to your hotel, condo, or any other lodging where you have made an appointment. The shuttles are large enough to bring an entire group of people, or just you alone, and they will get you to your destination for less than it would cost to take a taxi.

Taxi Cab
If you do not want to have to call ahead, you can always find a taxi cab right outside of the airport. There are many cabs parked outside at all times, and you will just have to wave one over. Like the shuttle, these can take you right to your door, so you will not be carrying your luggage around under the heat of the sun.

Local Buses
These buses come to the airport every half an hour, and then run you out to the city. You may have to wait longer, but the fare is incredibly cheap compared to a taxi or a shuttle. If you already have a bus card from somewhere else in Australia, you can use this and avoid having to pay at all. This is not the most convenient, but it is the most cost-effective, saving you money that you can later spend on having fun.

If you are going to be going a long way from the airport, setting up a coach before you land at the airprort is a good idea. These buses have plenty of space for all of your luggage, and run promptly on time. AAExpress is one such coach service, and riding on their buses is comfortable and enjoyable.

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