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Nestled on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia are the beautifully quaint towns of Bilinga and Coolangatta. The well situated coastal towns enjoy relatively warm weather year round and boast magnificent beaches. Bilinga is located only three kilometers north of Coolangatta.

Bilinga has the smaller population of the two areas, with just under 2,000 residents. This makes it the perfect tranquil holiday destination for Gold Coast vacationers, with easy access to other larger attractions via the Nerang-Tweed Railway line and roadways.

Though small, Bilinga does have the second oldest population of residents in the country. It is comprised of Crown lands auctioned after 1915, and was given the name Bilinga in 1918. The town's name is derived from the Aboriginal word Bilinba, meaning bats. By 1923, a settler named Percy Henzel had opened a general store in Bilinga, paving the way for the town's development. The coastal roadway was built a few years later and improved access to the area for residents and vacationers alike.

Bilinga's neighboring town of Coolangatta has a slightly more robust population, with nearly 5,000 residents. The retirement and holiday area is especially known for its delicious seafood. It got its name from the ship Coolangatta, which wrecked there in 1846. A government surveyor officially named the town Coolangatta while surveying the area in 1883 for the land auction the following year. The town has since grown as part of an expansive and gorgeous coastline attracting visitors from all over the world. From Coolangatta, there are approximately 40 kilometers of holiday resorts and surfing beaches that extend north to the suburb of Main Beach, and then further on to Stradbroke Island.

Both towns put vacationers in the perfect position to enjoy the best of what the Gold Coast has to offer. They provide serenity and a great natural landscape. If one should tire, however, of the relaxing beach atmosphere, they are near to other areas that offer diverse surroundings such as theme parks, nightlife, and rainforests. Bilinga and Coolangatta are also a short voyage to the state capital of Brisbane, and now are even easier to access thanks to a domestic and international airport located between the two towns. Once you experience the beautiful area you'll see it's no wonder that it has boomed since the 1980s as a leading tourist destination.

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