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Beijing Airport Ground Transportation

Beijing Capital International Airport is huge and very busy; this is a hub for world travelers, not just those coming from within the country, so there is always a lot of traffic and a lot of people in the airport. It is important to know what kind of transportation that you want to use even before your plane lands, because you will then not have to fight through the crowds to figure everything out. The following are some of the transportation options that are available at Beijing Capital International Airport.

Airport Express Train
This is one of the fastest ways to get around, so it is a good choice if speed is important to you. The express train departs right from the airport, so it is very easy to find and use. You can catch the Express in either Terminal Two or Terminal Three, and it takes about twenty minutes to take you downtown. Since it is located right within the terminal, however, you will probably save twenty minutes in that you will not have to be running around trying to find your transportation outside. This train can also connect you with the main subway lines, so you will not be limited in the destinations that you can travel to by taking the Express.

Airport Shuttle Bus
If the Express is too specific for you -- a train cannot deviate from its course -- then you can take the Airport Shuttle Bus. This leaves the airport every fifteen minutes, so you will never have to wait too long, and it arrives at a variety of stops around the downtown district. The shuttle is large enough to accommodate a group of people all at once, though you can also catch it by yourself if you are traveling alone. The shuttle buses have plenty of room to carry all of the bags and other luggage that you may have brought with you.

There are always plenty of taxis right outside the terminals. You can call the local cab companies first if you want to set up a ride and know it will be there when your plane lands, or you can just go outside and wave one down. This will give you a very direct route to your accommodations or place of business, but may end up being the most expensive option that you can choose of the three.

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