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Baton Rouge Airport Ground Transportation

If you are flying into the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, you will most likely need some sort of transportation to get you away from the airport and to your final destination, whether that is a place of business, your accommodations for the night, or the home of a friend. There are many different transportation options available at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, so you will certainly be able to find an option that both fits your budget and fits your needs. Some of the services need to be set up before your plane lands, so it is smart to know your options before departure, and to at least have something in mind in the days before your trip. This will save you a lot of time and frustration once you are on the ground.

Traveling by Taxi
There are many taxi cab companies that work at the airport, so you will have a lot of different choices. Many of these taxi cabs will just wait outside of the main terminal, so it is easy to catch one even if you have not made arrangements; you just have to go outside and wave over the taxi of your choice. This can get a bit expensive if you have to go a long way, but can also be very convenient since it can drop you right at your door, and the driver can help you with your bags.

The Airport Shuttle
There are two shuttles to choose from: The main Airport Shuttle and the Tiger Shuttle. Both of these are a good option for people traveling in a group, since more people can fit onto the shuttle bus than can fit in a taxi. The shuttle drivers work only with the airport, so they will not be taking you to all sorts of stops and pickups like a bus would, but will be trying to get you to your destination as quickly as possible to get back to the airport for another load. These can be called beforehand or met outside the terminal.

Reliant Transportation Group
The Reliant Transportation Group operates using a number of different buses and vans, and can be called before you arrive if you will require an entire vehicle for your party. This is nice because you can set it up so that you are the only one in the transport, making sure you get to your destination quickly.

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