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Baton Rouge, which translates literally to "red stick," is the capital city of the U.S. state of Louisiana, and it has enjoyed this distinction since the year 1849. Up to this point, the city had served as the home for a wide range of diverse peoples, and it had fallen under the control of numerous governments. Some of the entities that ruled the city before it became the capital of a U.S. state include the countries of Spain, France and Britain, as well as the Florida Republic and the Confederate States. This interesting heritage is part of what gives Baton Rouge its unique culture.

The culture of the city of Baton Rouge extends from its unusual history, but it is also derived from the broad mix of people that reside in and around the city today. Cajun and Creole cultures mix freely with cultures more closely associated with greater Louisiana and states like Florida and Texas. Additionally, the city's culture is influenced greatly by the presence of institutions of higher learning such as Louisiana State University, Our Lady of the Lake College and Baton Rouge Community College. Moreover, the city is home to over 10,000 residents that come from different countries. When adding all of these factors together, it is easy to see why Baton Rouge is such an interesting city from a cultural standpoint.

Baton Rouge, which exists in an area of nearly 80 square miles, is distinguished by its warm and humid climate. Since the city is located in the deep south of the United States, it experiences temperatures that are similar to tropical regions. The region's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River makes it very moist, as well. Typically, average high temperatures in the summer months approach or exceed 90 degrees. During the winter months, high temperatures remain relatively warm in the low 60s. Residents and visitors to the city must also pay attention to hurricanes, which can cause severe damage during certain times of the year.

People coming to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, often arrive at Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport. Others come to the city via car and use Interstates 10 and 12 as well as US Highway 61 to enter the city. Travel throughout the area by car is relatively simple, although effects of recent storms have caused damage to some roadways. Regardless, visitors enjoy traveling throughout the city to enjoy what it has to offer.

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