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During World War II, the airport now known as Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport was called Harding Army Air Field. Fighter pilots received training in the newest bombers and planes here, and the facility was used for maintenance and supply by the U.S. Army Air Force Technical Service Command. In August of 1948, Harding Field stopped functioning as a military airport and became public. Now, the only traces of the facility's use as a military installation are the three runways.

The name remained the same until 1954 when it was changed to Ryan Airport in honor of Captain William Joseph Ryan. The final name change came in May of 1981 when the airport officially became Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, Ryan Field.

The airport sits only 70 feet above sea level and it covers approximately 1,800 acres of ground. Its location is seven miles north of the downtown area of Baton Rouge, and four-lane highways surround it. The 1.6 million people who live in southern Louisiana and in the southwestern portion of Mississippi are served by this state-of-the-art facility. More than 60 jet flights daily fly to and from Baton Rouge Metro Airport in conjunction with five of the nation's hub airports. Because of the close parking proximity to the terminal for travelers, the airport has coined the phrase "Ridiculously Close Parking" to highlight this benefit. The smaller size of the airport allows it to function at a much smoother and less stressful pace than bigger airports. It is not necessary to show up as early for flights here, so wait time is not nearly as long.

Guests passing through will almost certainly have the need to use the free Wi-Fi service available in the terminal. The Business Center provides data ports that are high-speed wired and also gives access to a copy machine if needed. Another business tool available on site at Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport is the 1,800 square foot conference room situated in the portion of the terminal that does not require security screening for access. It is equipped with an 8-foot descending screen, wireless Internet, tables, chairs, TV with VCR, and a kitchen complete with microwave and refrigerator.

A nursing station is on sight for individuals needing emergency or medical services, and the airport is ADA compliant for persons with disabilities.

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