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Airlines Serving Barcelona Airport

The Barcelona Airport is the second-largest airport in Spain, with nearly 100 commercial airlines using this airport. The busiest airlines at the Barcelona Airport are Vueling, EasyJet, Air Europa, Iberia, Lufthansa, Air France, Ryanair, Swiss International Airlines, and British Airways. Vueling is by far the busiest airline at this airport, carrying nearly a quarter of the travelers, which pass through. This makes sense, as Vueling makes its main base of operations at the Barcelona Airport. Ryanair and Iberia Regional also have hubs at Barcelona Airport. Air Europa, the third busiest carrier at Barcelona Airport, and Iberia, the fourth-busiest, have both classified the airport as a focus city for their operations.

The Barcelona Airport has two terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Seven of the ten busiest airlines flying out of Barcelona Airport use Terminal 1. Vueling flies out of Terminal 1 at the Barcelona Airport. Vueling services both domestic and international flights, with flights to over fifty destinations worldwide. Air Europa also flies out of Terminal 1, with flights to several other cities in Spain, as well as to Italy and the Canary Islands. Iberia and Iberia Regional also fly out of Terminal 1; Iberia flies to Madrid, while Iberia Regional flies to a number of European and North African destinations. Lufthansa, located in Terminal 1, services flights from Barcelona to different cities in Germany. Air France, located in Terminal 1, flies from the Barcelona Airport to Paris and Marseille in France. Swiss International Airlines, located in Terminal 1, flies from the Barcelona Airport to Geneva and Zurich in Switzerland. British Airways, also located in Terminal 1, services flights to England.

EasyJet and Ryanair both fly out of Terminal 2 at the Barcelona Airport. EasyJet flies from Barcelona to thirteen destinations around the U.K. and Europe. It is one of the top carriers to Amsterdam, Paris, and London from the Barcelona Airport and is the second-busiest carrier in the airport itself. Ryanair flies to over thirty destinations worldwide, though the majority of destinations are domestic or within Europe.

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