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Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport Information

The Don Mueang International Airport is one of the two international airports that serve the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. It was originally a Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) base, which was opened in 1914, but there were earlier flights from the airport. In 1924, commercial flights began. When the other international airport opened in 2006, Don Mueang closed and was renovated. It reopened in 2007. It is 24 kilometres from Bangkok city centre.

Three army officers were sent to France to train as pilots. Their training finished in 1911, and they purchased eight aircraft that became the beginning of the RTAF.

During World War II, the airport was used by the occupying Japanese and was bombed by Allied forces several times. It was also used by the United States Air Force as a logistics and major command hub during the Vietnam War.

It is still used in conjunction with the Royal Thai Air Force’s non-combat aircraft. One striking feature is the RTAF golf course, which is between the two runways. Golfers must stop when a red light is on for planes to land. The greens are open to the public, however, access is limited due to security concerns.

The airport has three terminals, but most flights use Terminal 1. All of the chartered, non-connecting and low-cost flights go to Don Mueang International, which eases the congestion at the other airport. The Departure Hall is on the second floor where all the airline check-in counters are. There are also money exchange counters, restaurants and shops there. VIP lounges are on the second floor. The Arrivals Hall is on the first floor. A few snack bars, restaurants, an Internet café, money exchange counters, shops, banks and medical service are in the Arrivals Hall.

The car rental company counters are near the Arrivals Hall on the first floor. There are five major car rental companies there. Parking is in front of the Domestic Terminal.

The airport offers good facilities for disabled passengers. Both arriving and departing passengers who need special assistance should contact the Customer Service Department at the airport in advance of their scheduled departure time. Special assistance will be given for parking, in restrooms, in elevators and with telephones. Special Needs passengers should inform their airline about their requirements at least 48 hours before their scheduled departure time.

There are public telephones that charge a fee for local and long distance calls as well as for calling a mobile phone. Phone cards are available in the souvenir shop in the terminal building. Information counters are located in the arrivals and departure halls of the domestic terminal. Two banks have counters in the airport and there are ATMs in the departure and arrival halls of the international and domestic terminals. Currency can be exchanged at counters or in automatic exchange machines in the departure halls.

Restaurants and snack bars are on the second and first floor of the terminals. A photo service is available on arrival for a visa application. The airport also has express film development in the international passenger area of Terminal 1. In Terminal 2, is a digital printer for computerised photo printing. Photos of Thai cultural scenes are for sale.

An Airport Clinic is on the lower floor of international passenger Terminal 1 close to the Arrival Hall. There are qualified medical personnel in attendance 24 hours. First aid is provided in the domestic terminal on the second floor.

Articles lost inside the airport can be reported to the Airport Information Counter. Luggage or other articles lost on aircraft need to be reported to the particular airline. Identification papers will be needed to claim any lost item.

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