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The foundation for the bustling city of Austin, Texas, started with the first permanent settlement established in the area by Anglo Americans in 1837. The settlement was nestled along the banks of the Colorado River and was first given the name Waterloo.

However, the settlers changed the area's name to Austin in 1839, and the area became known as the capital city for the Republic of Texas.

Even with the evidence of the 1830's settlers, Austin is also home to some prehistoric and Paleolithic archeological evidence within the Balcones area. The area was also home to many Native American Tribes, including Lipan Apaches, Comanches, and Tonkawa.

Within the 19th Century Austin played a significant role in state politics, and saw some of its most troubled times during the Texas Revolution and during the Texas Annexation.

The famous street called Congress Avenue, where the Austin Capitol building resides today, was first given its name by a Judge named Edwin Waller.

Waller began construction plans for more than 600 acres within the Austin area that included the area of Shoal Creek. Although Waller first recommended that many of the streets within the Downtown Austin area be given numerical names, such as 6th Street, 11th Street, and 12th Street, these numerical names were not implemented until the year 1884.

The area began to see significant growth within the late 1860's and many of the early residents owned slaves. The area was also home to many religious sects, including Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Baptists, and Catholics that started churches within the area.

A significant part of the Austin, Texas, history also included the founding of the University of Texas that began with the opening of the Balcones Research Center along a 40-acre planned tract of land.

Today, the Austin, Texas, area is known both locally and internationally as the live music capital of the world, and throughout its history has attracted famous musicians and singers to local festival such as South By Southwest or SXSW, Austin City Limits Music Festival and the Old Settler's Music Festival.

Because the huge diversity of people within the Austin area, many have gravitated wearing the famous T-shirt slogans that say "Keep Austin Weird." Indeed, Austin continues to see significant growth from those that are attractive to the area's stable economy, recreational opportunities, and stunning real estate. Today, the area is also known for its historical downtown restaurants, hotel buildings, and local venues.

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