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The country's largest city, Auckland, is located in the northern part of North Island in New Zealand. Known for its yachts and volcanoes, the city is rich in culture and the community comes together for festivals and sporting events. The population is mainly Polynesian and immigrants from around the globe. On a narrow isthmus, the metropolis lies between two active and scenic harbors. Auckland is a successful city that remains one of the world's top places to live.

Nearly surrounded by water from the Tasman Sea to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east, Auckland enjoys an oceanic and mild-warm climate. In February, the city has its highest average temperatures at less than 24 degrees Celsius. Then in January, the winter lows average higher than 14 degrees. The climate is one natural benefit of living in or visiting the city.

Of course, its surroundings are amazing. Sitting on a dormant volcanic field, Auckland is near at least 50 volcanoes that lie quietly in the region. Additionally, the isthmus on which the city is built gives the city almost 4,000 kilometers of shoreline. Several islands are nearby, and some of them are part of the city suburbs.

Now, the story of the city begins on the isthmus with the Maori who settled the region in the mid-1300s. They valued the fertile volcanic soil. The European immigrants did not begin settling the city until the mid-1800s on land they purchased and received as a gift from the Maori. The local native populations in the area had dwindled because of tribal warfare. Over the years since, the city has grown and remains stable mainly because of its ports and merchant trade.

Life in Auckland is attractive because of the beautiful weather and natural surroundings as well as its educational institutions and abundance of jobs. Of course, residents and visitors alike also take time to pursue leisure activities in the area. Many people who live in the city own a boat, and visitors can find watercraft for hire for sailing and cruising. Then, numerous other cultural and recreational activities are pursued.

Always, those visiting should take safety precautions even though the urban center is one of the safest in the world. Common sense will not tell someone to walk about the city alone late at night. Meanwhile, police do not take bribes; but they are always ready and helpful if needed.

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